Striving for perfection

All projects of Archisphere, the architecture and interior design studio based in Vienna and Zurich, are the visible expression of a clear philosophy: The studio uses creativity and precision to create buildings and interiors together with the clients that arouse emotions and tell a story. The claim is already in the name Archisphere - a symbiosis of architecture and atmosphere.

The studio's portfolio showcases the architects’ and interior designers’ constant pursuit of perfection, which they strive to fulfil in very distinctive projects. Their vast experience has been gained from working mainly in the luxury segment of the hotel and hospitality indus-tries, as well as in developing exclusive private residences. As the following examples will illustrate, our team combines their savoir-faire with exciting new approaches to bring forth the best possible solutions for the client.

Interior design by Archisphere Andaz Vienna Interior Design and interior architectureANDAZ Tailor 0151 copyright by Christof Wagner
© Christof Wagner

Culture-conscious elegance

The Andaz Vienna am Belvedere is a hotel in the luxury & lifestyle category. The hotel is sit-uated in one of Vienna’s hot spots, at the intersection between the ultra-modern Sonnwend district, the Schweizergarten park and the hotel’s namesake, the splendid baroque Palais Belvedere. Archisphere’s interior architects have achieved an impressive symmetry by complementing the spectacular building – by star architect Renzo Piano – with equally remarkable interior design. Using exclusive materials and a creative mix of styles, they were able to embed the building in the neighbourhood and establish its culturally conscious elegance.

In the lobby, which opens onto the park, and in the more than 300 rooms, the interior designers have staged contemporary art. Prince Eugene, the former landlord of the Palais Belvedere and also a patron of the arts, was the inspiration. The Andaz am Belvedere shows how well thought-out interior design can present a story and how a hotel can become a cult surprisingly quickly - even very high up: "My absolute favorite view is from the skybar with the Bevedere in the foreground and Vienna's city center behind it," says architect and managing partner of Archisphere Gabriel Kacerovsky, "preferably at sunset with a drink and good friends."

Contemporary coolness

"A wonderful architecture that manages, with playful ease, to establish the fine balance be-tween contemporary coolness and almost universal warmth". These were the words with which the Relax Guide described the Falkensteiner Hotel Stegersbach in the thermal region of southern Burgenland, designed in 2005 by Archisphere’s architects and interior designers. The meticulous planning of the project was entirely devoted to the physical and mental well-being of the guests. What’s more, the design was devised with such foresight that twelve years later, carefully planned soft interventions were sufficient to reposition the resort in the present-day scene. The interior designers chose the element of water as a central metaphor for this oasis of regeneration and used colour psychology to select reposing tones of calm blue and warm sandstone, complemented with luminous gold for an emphasis on distinction. The designers’ creative decisions transformed the hotel’s rooms, dining and spa areas, while the lighting concept (from candlelight to LED lights, depending on the desired atmosphere) rounded off the gentle upgrade of the Falkensteiner resort, setting it apart in a category all on its own.
Lobby with custom carpet and hanging lamps at Balance Resort Stegersbach designed by Archisphere copyright Christof Wagner
© Christof Wagner

The poetry of a summer retreat

At Lake Millstätter See, the architects and interior designers of Archisphere wrote the next chapters of a history rich in tradition. Into the Hotel Seeglück Forelle, the first house on the site, they integrated a vision with a promising future: the poetry of a summer resort where you can relax "like in the good old days" was to be preserved. At the same time, guests would be able to enjoy contemporary amenities regardless of the season, whether it's the lake or the snow sparkling in the sun outside. "Vacation is a story you experience and remember," says architect Gabriel Kacerovsky. "That's exactly the challenge Archisphere took on in redesigning the Hotel Seeglück Forelle on Lake Millstättersee."
To meet the high demands of the guests, the architects expanded the hotel with a new building, whose rooms all have a view of the lake, and a spacious spa area. The interior designers developed a timeless and contemporary design language. The materials used, the nuances of color and light contribute to the experience of the hotel, its restaurants and the rooms. Guests associate the proximity of water; the stone used in the bathrooms evokes the pebbles in the lake; this central element is further emphasized by graphic fish motifs. 

These three examples illustrate well the miriad of projects in Archisphere’s vast portfolio which includes hotels, restaurants, international offices, and private residences. The studio's activities range from the careful renovation of traditional buildings to the implementation of innovative, cutting-edge approaches. "Our team of employees from seven nations will draw on their cultural and professional knowledge and use it for tasks of any scale”, concludes Gabriel Kacerovsky. This also contributes to the constant broadening of Archisphere’s horizon.