Grand Hotel Astoria Leipzig

The opening of the Leipzig Astoria dates back to 1915. Due to its luxurious, modern and individual interior design, the Grand Hotel, built according to the plans of the architects William Lossow and Max Hans Kühne, was one of the most beautiful hotels in the country in GDR times and was especially known for its top gastronomy. After its closure in 1996, the former magnificent building at Willy-Brandt-Platz was left to decay for the last two decades.
grand hotel astoria archisphere leipzig c city history museum
Hotel Astoria Leipzig, Historical hotel view ©Stadtgeschichtliches Museum
"The new Astoria must reclaim its central place in the life of Leipzig! It's about combining the splendour of its history with modern luxury, timeless elegance and uncompromising modernity."
Gabriel Kacerovsky
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grand hotel astoria leipzig archisphere c carbonekacerovsky
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hotel astoria leipzig interior design archisphere copyright carbone kacerovsky

Now the historic building in the vibrant trade fair city is undergoing a comprehensive revitalization of its interior design by Archisphere. The designers are guided by the unmistakable joie de vivre that was already inherent in the original Astoria throughout its life.

interior architecture of hotel astoria leipzig restaurant c carbone kacerovsky

Not only will 200 rooms with 470 beds provide universal luxury in the future, but also spacious public areas that cater equally to Leipzigers and hotel guests. An elegant restaurant with historical elements is just as much a part of the new Astoria as a chic bistro and an Italian-inspired espresso bar, as well as an intimate rooftop bar. All of these spaces echo the sociable, cosmopolitan flair of the concert and dance cafés for which the hotel was known in the last century. The offer is complemented by the conference area in the historic rooms and a new five-fold divisible ballroom, as well as a small spa area.

lobby at the hotel astoria archisphere leipzig c carbone kacerovsky
sketch interior design hotel astoria leipzig interior design archisphere c carbone kacerovsky
conference room hotel astoria leipzig achisphere c carbone kacerovsky

In short: In the heart of the trade fair and cultural city of Leipzig, a new iconic landmark with its finger on the pulse is being created behind the original facade - which, like the structure of the rooms and corridors, is being preserved in coordination with the monument protection authorities. The Grand Hotel reflects on its glorious history and continues to tell it.

Many parts of the interior design refer to the hometown of the widely known book fair and Leipzig's tradition as a city of literature and printing and the birthplace of major publishing houses such as Baedeker, Brockhaus, Insel and Kiepenheuer. In keeping with this spirit, guests of the Grand Hotel Astoria Leipzig are invited in future to trace the grandeur of yesteryear and enjoy it in the present.

Photo Historical Hotel View Astoria ©City History Museum, Rendering Exterior Facade ©Wolff Architekten, Rendering La Mazzocca ©Carbone & Kacerovsky, Rendering Espresso ©Carbone & Kacerovsky, Rendering Espresso Exterior ©Carbone & Kacerovsky, Rendering Lobby ©Carbone & Kacerovsky, Rendering Suite ©Carbone & Kacerovsky, Sketches @Carbone & Kacerovsky / Pornthep Hongsa