Vienna Marriott Hotel

The Vienna Marriott Hotel on Vienna's Parkring is a true landmark. Converting such a prestigious building during ongoing operations requires the highest precision in interior design planning, construction logistics and implementation. At the core of this undertaking for Archisphere was Marriott's strong brand identity. This was to be reflected by modern colour and surface concepts in public areas as well as in the approximately 300 rooms and suites.
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Built between 1983 and 1985 according to plans by Harry Glück and Peter Czernin, the Vienna Marriott Hotel has stood for a unique combination of elegance and comfort since its opening. Maintaining these maxims and at the same time bringing them into the present formed the basic idea for the three-phase redesign of this inner-city jewel.

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The renovation was completed within the challenging time frame of only three years: The redesign of the restaurant and kitchen in 2014 was followed by the redesign of the spa area and the first half of the hotel rooms in 2016. In 2017, the second half of the hotel rooms, which are characterised by classic interiors, were also updated while the hotel was still in operation. The result: rooms, suites and public areas now welcome guests of the Vienna Marriott Hotel - one of the first 5-star hotels to be redesigned by Archisphere - with a new, elegant and contemporary design. The interior design is the result of a collaboration between Carbone Design and Archisphere.

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