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About us





Architecture and design with passion

Archisphere - the architecture and interior design office in Vienna

Archisphere is a Viennese architecture and interior design studio with an international portfo-lio. The projects are realised primarily in the luxury segment of the hotel and hospitality in-dustries, as well as in private residences. Together with their clients, the team at Archisphere develops a plan for buildings and interiors whose story is as important to the success of the project as is its meticulous execution.

Archisphere stands for…

Quite literally, the brand stands for architecture and atmosphere – a symbiosis. Successful projects must include the material and the emotional.

The architects and interior designers at Archisphere work to embody both these identities, Archi & Sphere, at the highest level. “Creative intelligence, precision, and emotion make up our design studio’s DNA. The symbiosis of these qualities distinguishes both our team and our work”, says architect and managing partner Gabriel Kacerovsky.

We see ourselves as a creative powerhouse with a team whose caliber is made up of the sum of our specialists’ individual strengths, and a function of our eminence as a whole: we are ready to respond to unusual challenges with unusual projects. Something that we all have incommon are the high standards we set for everything we build and design.  

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It begins with a conversation

Whether a project involves the interior design of a hotel or restaurant, or the desired architec-ture of a private residence – before the first sketch is even drawn, we research the location’s spatial, historical, and current circumstances. This is the beginning of the creative process as we understand it: the art of building, the aesthetic examination of the built space.  

Of equal concern are our clients’ unique ideas, and we strive to find the best available solu-tions for them. This is how we create atmosphere: by generating a positive emotional reaction in our clients. It is our benchmark for the success of a project.

As a full-service agency, Archisphere works closely with its clients to develop the criteria and principles that will guide the project. We listen, ask, and suggest. What associations emerge in a conversation with the family as they plan the interior design of their private residence? What fantasies have inspired the owners for the remodeling of their stylish restaurant? What mood are the interior designers of a new hotel seeking to create for the guests’ experience?

Once this information has been carefully gathered, our team can take the next step and enter the research phase using the first-class archive at our disposal. We find inspiration in music, fashion, painting, photography, cultural history, and contemporary art. We are inspired by the colors and forms of nature. It is a relentless search for harmony and contrasts, until the pre-cise dimensions and nuances are found. A project is complete only once the coherent narra-tive emerges from our work; the story it tells marries the customer’s unique intentions and our high professional standards for every aspect of the project. It is all about the beauty and elegance of successful designs.  

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In the end, a melody echoes

"Our projects are all customised with great passion," says architect Gabriel Kacerovsky, owner and managing director of Archisphere. "To make this possible, we are in constant dialogue with our clients.

Once this dialogue leads to the actual building or interior that existed already in our clients’ imagination, in the associations they had for that space, then we have reached our objective. Only then is it a tangible, sustainable reality. Reaching that goal means that we have mastered the task: on the one hand, it is both precisely right, and the best solution. On the other hand, it also carries the right mood; this is as important to us as precise craftsmanship. In the end, the project should harmonise like the well-tuned instrument from which a unique melody echoes, and our work becomes music to the ears of our clients.