Archisphere Interior Design and Architecture Studio

Archisphere Interior Design and Architecture Studio

The residential and commercial building - built in 1911 according to the plans of Leopold Fuchs - forms the centre of Siebensternplatz in Vienna's seventh district. The architecture and interior design studio Archisphere is located there. They work in a spacious and light-flooded studio, which was planned and realised by Archisphere Architekt:innen and Interior Designer:innen. Colours, materials and surfaces reflect the visual and qualitative values of the creative company.
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Reception archisphere interior design studio in vienna photo c christof wagner

The studio and interior are perfectly tailored to the needs of the employees. The spaciousness of an old building office with the amenities of modern interior design offers plenty of room for creative development and the development of new ideas. The aesthetics of the old building are accentuated by the original double doors and wooden windows as well as the herringbone parquet flooring.

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Architect Gabriel Kacerovsky Grüder from the architecture and interior design studio Archisphere in Vienna photo copyright Christof Wagner

Work is carried out in offices that are shared by several employees. To ensure that work can still be carried out undisturbed, there are specially designed partition walls. These also serve as storage space, making efficient use of the premises. Spaciousness and privacy create a special atmosphere, one in which each:r can work efficiently on their own or as a team. But the room dividers also offer space for individual design: decorative elements, plants and personal objects create playful variety.

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Comfortable working is ensured not only by the special room situation, but also by the working tools - from the tables with solid wood tops to the latest hardware and software. Indirect light is distributed throughout the room and adapts to the lighting conditions of the surroundings.

Meeting room Archisphere an architecture and interior design studio in Vienna Photo Copyright Christof Wagner
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One room of the studio was set up as a sample room. It is stocked with a wide variety of materials - including fabrics, stones, tiles, leather samples, glass and floor samples, and shelves full of veneers. For the interior designers:inside, it is the heart of the studio.

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"It's great to have so many materials here in the studio, because sometimes you need the haptic aspect. Mood boards can also be created virtually on the computer, but that doesn't come close to reality. To be able to combine materials in the best way, it's important to understand how they relate to each other in different lighting conditions, how they feel and how they harmonize in the overall concept."
Gabriel Kacerovsky
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Dark work surfaces and shelves clearly distinguish the sample room from the rest of the studio. It creates an atmosphere that encourages creativity. Here, the employees are inspired by beautiful colors, unusual surfaces and the designs of artists from other industries and develop new ideas.

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archisphere interior design studio vienna c christof wagner
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In order not to disrupt the inspiring and creativity-promoting working environment, storage spaces have been integrated in many parts of the office. There is room for everything that is not in constant use.

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Architecture Design and Artbook library at the Archisphere Architecture and Interior Design studio in vienna photo copyright by christof wagner

The historical core of the building harmonises with the modern interior design. By bringing together different design ideas from different centuries, the studio becomes a place of inspiration.

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